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Developing Quality Customer Relationships

We work very hard to develop quality customer relationships that positively last the test of time.

When inmates order products and services from Cheeki Services you can be sure that they’ll always be treated like a rockstar! We know that there are a lot of inmate service "companies" out there that have tried to copy the Cheeki Services business model with consistently terrible results. At Cheeki Services we understand and sympathize with the way that inmate customers are treated by unscrupulous businesses who exploit and take advantage of them. We strongly believe that treating each and every inmate customer with the utmost in professionalism, dignity and respect is paramount to our continued success and mutual respect. We are extremely thankful for each and every customer that we serve and pledge to always treat them as such.

Providing Reliable Service

At Cheeki Services we strive to process orders as quickly as humanely possible. In most cases, incoming orders are filled and shipped within 24 hours.

Welcome to the wonderful world of quality inmate services. We sincerely hope that each and every customer entering our website will find exactly what he/she is looking for. With advanced features of activating accounts and providing quality products and services, you will definitely enjoy a great experience when utilizing Cheeki Services.

Streamlined Delivery

We have several internal quality assurance policies and procedures that make us a cut above the rest.

At Cheeki Services we utilize in house commercial color printers to quickly and efficiently process photo catalogs, business literature and so much more. Our full color photo prints are processed through Amazon Photos to bring customers and prison facilities the fastest, highest quality and most secured photo processing and delivery system within the industry.

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Why Choose Us


High Quality Products

We use top-notch business suppliers and services to provide our customers with quality products.


Dedicated Support

You can rely on our support services who that gladly address and solve any issues or questions you may have.


Unique Products

Our unique products will consistently delight and surprise our inmate customers.


Quality Assurance

The Cheeki Services approach to quality products and services consistently surpasses customer expectations.


We Offer

We offer several discounted specials and quantity discounts on many of our products and services


Free Information

Innmate customers can always send us a SASE for free literature and information about our products and services.

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Our partners have disrupted industries, opened new opportunities and made countless lives better. We are privileged to work with many forward-thinking businesses, including many of the world’s top suppliers of inmate services.

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