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We work very hard to consistently develop and maintain both quality customer and facility administration relationships. When inmates securely order products and services from Cheeki Services they’ll always be treated fairly. At Cheeki Services we understand and sympathize that inmate customers have been treated poorly by unscrupulous resource companies. We strongly believe that treating each and every inmate customer with the utmost in professionalism, dignity and respect is paramount to our continued success. We are extremely thankful for each and every customer that we serve and pledge to always treat them with dignity and respect.

Key Products & Services
  • Non-Nude Erotic Photos
  • Full Color Catalogs
  • Original Literotica
  • Out of Print Book Printing
  • Single Issue Magazines
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Erotic Books
from $14
  • check Free Shipping
  • check All Paperback Books
  • check Approved Vendor Delivery
  • check Great Selection
  • check Brand New Books
Original Literotica
from $4
  • check Amateur Writers
  • check Custom Categories
  • check Unique Erotic Stories
  • check In-House Printing
  • check Double Sided 8.5x11" Pages
4x6" Prints
from 50¢
  • check Full Color Glossy
  • check Custom Orders
  • check Full Color Catalogs
  • check Fast Processing & Delivery
  • check Quantity Discounts

Prison Inmate Services